A male who enjoys compressing another males shit in his anal cavity
Elton John loves to compress his young boyfriends fudge!

Hes the biggest fudge packer ever!
by Paul Mol. March 20, 2006
To be annoying and play shitty songs to the public. To stalk others and not leave them alone. A bipolar, reptarded, farf. A homosexual human being that has no life.
That Suave guy is such a fudge packer, he won't leave us alone!
Suave is a fudge packer, it makes me want to farf on him and make him sniff hobos' butts.
by Ewella January 21, 2012
a person who packs poo and ships it out to to fertilizer companies.
john + stalion shit + tin can + UPS = fudge packer
by acid bob December 22, 2008
Been around for a while, refers to anal sex.
"Dude look at those fudgepackers!"
by Ang-Dawg December 22, 2004
Green Bay Fans
Those fudge packers dont want brett farve to play
by mary moo cow fuck shit July 20, 2008
Members of a clan called 'The Rising' in an online game of Runescape.
Are the fudgepackers pking today?
by Franzk October 18, 2007
Usually describes the act of homosexual anal penetration in which the penis 'packs' the feaces tight into the anal passage.

A person who works in a factory wrapping and packaging fudge.
The factory workers packed over 100,000 boxes of fidge last year.

Nicola's boyfriend packed alot of fudge into her when they had anal intercourse.

Thoses two are fudge packers.
by Emmsarsedbandit December 03, 2009

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