A gay man who spends his day butt fucking other men
Marcos fudge-packs Kumu
by steve-o April 20, 2004
Being gay with another man and getting poop on your penis.
"Hey look, Tom Cruse is a fudge packer".
by nicholas matthews April 28, 2010
Fudge Packer fuhj pak-er

A person that is in charge of packaging the products that is made by a fudge factory

A person that is in charge of giving anal sex to either a female or bisexual or homosexual male. A person receiving the aforementioned would be considered a "fudge packee", again either by a dominatrix donning a strap on or a bisexual or homosexual male.
Selma: Hey Betty, what happens to the fudge after we are done making it?

Betty: Well, it goes right down there to the fudge packer.

Damn, I really want some anal sex bad. I should post an ad on craigslist to see if there are any fudge packers available. I sure do love them fudge packers. Oh yeah, fudge packers are the bomb!
by Dude Grease April 24, 2009
A mammal that maybe able to consume large amounts of Fudge.
The yaoi convention had a sundae bar full of fudge packers.
by A man named linda January 01, 2014
One who packs confectionary goods, usually fudge, into boxes for the masses.

or it could just be a raging homosexual, take your pick.
Hey did you hear the news about Justin bieber i heard he is a fudge packer
by buttlett November 10, 2013
basicaly its a man who bends over and accepts another mans dick up his arse,
Josh- Hey Daryl did have have a fun time fudge packing Chris the fudge packer in his caravan? Daryl- fuck off
LUKE- Andrew u been fudge packing lately?
Andrew - yea with my dad
LUKE - errrrr
by B. J. Humberdink September 09, 2008
Tom Cruise
Hey guys, check it out! Tom Cruise is a fudge packer!
by t3hrasterbator May 19, 2011

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