1. A gay man who bangs other men in the butt.
2. A member of G-Unit.
Fifty Cent: I think we should change our name to the Fifty Cent Fudgepackers. What you think about that Eminem?
Eminem: Hold on a second, I'm busy sucking Nas dick. (slurp, slurp, slurp) MMM, that was good.
by ITeachYou April 16, 2008
Tom Cruise
Hey look its Tom Cruise, and he's packing fudge!

That Tom Cruise, he's such a fudgepacker.

Tom Cruise? Is he fudgepacking??
by Fatty Novak September 06, 2010
one who packs fudge, on an assembly line. Possibly at a chocolate factory.
Me: Hey, my bro mike just got a job at the chocolate factory.

by Evan is Hella Tight April 17, 2008
The Homosexual act of one man inserting his penis into his
partners rear anus as an act of sexual satisfaction.
dude your such a fudge packer.
by Brento March 28, 2006
a gay ass man fucking a gay ass man in the ass

derived from the idea of calling the shit in an asshole "fudge" and the man fucking would be packing it in with his penis, thus "fudge packer"
-Those guys are homosexuals.
-You're right. They must be fudge packers too.

by nicole January 09, 2006
a man who is gay, fudge packer is used to say as a man that enjoys anal sex with another man. also known as..sticking it in the pooper.
keebler elves are fudge packers!
by Dchappy32 June 23, 2011
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