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A last minute substitute word. It is used most commonly when one catches ones self about to drop an f bomb within ear shot of small children. The "fu" sound of this word is generally drawn out as this is the initial period in which the realization of the mistake is made. People with slower reflexes will sometimes utter a similar word: "fuck-udge..."
1. Little kid: "Can you read me a story?"

Randy: "Sure." Grabs book "Once upon a time.... aw fuuu...udge, i just got a paper cut..."

2. Parent: "This is my kid, Brady."

Tim: Notices that small child has a swastika tattoo "what the fuck-udge...."

Parent: "What was that?"

Tim: "Fudge... i said fudge..."
by whattheface July 08, 2011
a phrase used to describe a word you can not think of because you don't know it. You use this phrase when you have no knowledge of the proper word to imply that you have simply forgotten. With use of this phrase, you appear no less intelligent, merely forgetful.
1. "Hey Marvin, whats the name of that actor... the one from Forrest Gump?"

"Aw damn, I totally know who you are talking about, the name is on the tip of my tongue..."

"Its okay, we all forget sometimes."

2. While playing charades:

"Oh no! I can tell what you are doing! it is on the tip of my tongue!!"

"TIMES UP! It was jitter-bug."

"See! I knew that, i just couldn't think of the word."
by whattheface April 12, 2011

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