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23 definitions by Phi

Explicit descriptions, picture, and/or video of sexual acts. Some people may consider it offensive, but many consider it to be a useful tool for masturbation.
When I went to I saw some pornography.
by phi April 25, 2004
709 313
a man who engages in anal sex. Typically a gay man. Comes from the act of the penis packing the crap(fudge)tight by pumping his penis in and out of someones ass.
Jeesus Christ, Ronnies a fudgepacker!
by Phi January 15, 2004
444 312
50's slang for something that is cool beyond imagine.
The new elvis record is the cat's pajamas
by phi April 25, 2004
77 25
A term for a person that is extremly mean or sadistic, because kicking a puppy is the lowest and cruelest thing in the world.
My english teacher gave me a 5,000 word essay due on Friday. What a fucking puppy kicker!
by phi April 25, 2004
73 22
1)a band that has had only (I shouldn't say only, since most bands never have a successful song) one song that was a commercial sucess.
2)A song which was the only success of the band that played it.
3)A strain of marajuanna grow in Southern California (San Diego's north county) which is so potent that one hit will get you more high than you have ever been before.
1)Men without hats
2)"Saftey Dance" by men without hats
3)Like train wreck X 1000
by phi December 05, 2004
68 21
what a man says if he doesn't want to do something that is deemed woman's work, suck as ironing his shirts, or picking up after himself. Sexist when said to a woman, blatantly insulting when said to a male (your questioning his manhood in a very homo-phobic/sexist way).
Woman, i don't cook my own dinner because i have a penis.
by phi December 05, 2004
66 28
A group of sluts.
A very slutty person.
Stephen Trinkle.
Those girls are such slutbags!
Stop sleeping around you fucking slutbag.
by phi April 11, 2003
46 28