from the mendocino high school electronics lab
as a noun,
1 any sort of electronic gizmo
2 a trinketey object with moving parts e.g.: a rubric's cube, the martian popping thing,
3 any strange appendage human or otherwise
4 a sex toy that you have to think
about for awhile to figure out how it
- it's the mother fuckle board.
- your laptops fuckle is borked.
- check out this spifty fuckle.
- that fuckle is so fawesome.
- what's that fuckle growing on your
- how does this fuckle work?
by Harezumi-chan December 09, 2004
Top Definition
To fuck and cuddle simultaneously or in the same session.
My girlfriend and I just had a little fuckle for Valentine's Day.
by Andy Bader February 06, 2003
Somewhere between cuddling and fucking, there are fuckles.
"Baby I miss you so much, I can't wait to give you fuckles."


"I love you, let's fuckle."
by Olia March 06, 2006
Contrary to popular belief, Fuckles is a term used to describe sudden and serious exclamation.
"FUCKLES, she just dumped me. Whore."

"Oh fuckles, did you forget to put the fire out in the field?"

"FUCKLES! My parents are going to find that dead body under my bed if I don't clean by tomorrow!"
by donotello July 12, 2008
Giggling that ocurrs during sex.
"When making love with Comedy Central on in the background, it's tough not to get the fuckles."
by Brian from Reston June 06, 2007
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