The act of making salsa for a german archer named stan, and thusforth pouring it in to a pickup truck full of Jewish hobos.
I was going to fuckle last night when all of a sudden I saw ninjas attacking me and dropped my bowl of salsa!
by Bluffinwithmymuffin(; January 25, 2010
1. a person being an ass
2. a fucking buckle

1. God Sarah! You're being suck a fuckle!
2. I'm so fat! My fuckle on my belt won't close!
by Fricker Flicker March 17, 2009
Fuck + Huggle
Neoljeol likes to get fuckled by MikeMinako
by Mengo July 14, 2003
The art of chuckling while in the midst of saying the word "fuck."

I just fuckled.
by JuggaloCujo December 12, 2013
i. A generic noun that can be used in any situation to describe anything or anyone. It can also be used as an adjective such as fuckleing. Or a verb, such as I would fuckle that.
ii. The small post connecting a globe to a globe stand.
"Fuckle fuckle fuckle took my fuckleing fuckle fuckle. FUCK!"

"Hey, did you see Heather today?"
"Yeah, she was really hot, my dick got as hard as a fuckle, and almost as long!"
Awkward silence ensues.
by Pinguino November 03, 2012
An abbreviated way of saying a fucking couple
"Wheres all my stuff!!?!" "O a fuckle of guys broke in and took everything."
by ZooLTron March 18, 2010
When you're in the middle of sex and you cant stop chuckling about something stuck in your head.
Why do you always get the fuckles when you're screwing me?
by Kevboner March 09, 2014

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