A characteristic of a person: Someone who is likely to change their mind about having sex often, and sometimes without warning. This is a sub-category of the word 'fickle', meaning to change one's mind frequently.
Guy: "Fancy a fuck?"
Girl: "Sure!"
Guy grabs her tit
Girl kicks him off: "I don't want to have sex!"
Guy: "You just said you wanted to!"
Girl: "I do!"
Guy: "You're so fuckle!"
by Hennerz Notts September 06, 2011
1. To have sex with and tickle someone at the same time.

2. The act of tickling someone mercilessly and without care. You don't stop when they say "STOP", you stop when you get tired, but then start the tickling again as soon as possible. Can be done by one person, or many.
1. "I fuckled her hard last night."

2. "I fuckled her hard last night."
by spAnky! June 05, 2007
Fuckle is a portmanteau word combining fucking and sprinkle. It describes the act of ruining a perfectly good donut with fucking sprinkles.
Who fuckled my donuts? Or: who put a fuckle on my cookie?
by SprinkleHater24 November 25, 2010
Any act that would fall between kissing and having sex (to give/recieve head, the use of hands in more private areas, intense making out.)
Less than a fuck, more than a suckle

fuckled, fuckling
Oh no worries, we just fuckled a little.
by sexercon April 18, 2011
to tickle and fuck at the same time
lets go fuckle after dinner
by J NIZZLE GO HARD May 04, 2007
(verb) 1. to cuddle naked; 2. to spoon sexually

***combination of the words 'fuck' and 'cuddle'
We fuckled all night long.
by ..rawwwrrr.. O.o April 27, 2011
to fondle or tickle in an erotic or sensual manner.
Last night was nothing more than a fuckle.

by Ashley Joseph March 22, 2007
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