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1. The state of being surrounded by totally fucked up shit.
2. Being consumed by a crowd of people who don't have a clue.
3. Only moments from having to deal with law enforcement because of others dumb-ass actions.
Dave- "Dude we gotta go, this party is hittin a hard 8 on the fuckedupedness scale"

Scott- "No shit, you can smell the fuckedupedness in the air. It's only a matter of time before the man shows up"
by TEXDOC July 07, 2006
n. The state or quality of being fucked up.
It's difficult to believe the sheer fuckedupedness of this situation.
by The Son of God March 15, 2006
1.ft riley kansas, home of the big red one
2.the state of every officer thinking he is a general
I have seen a wide variety of fuckedupedness in the past year that it has blown my fucking mind.
by rockytopbaby April 19, 2008
The most screwed up circumstance or sitution possible
Do you understand the fuckedupedness of the guest on the Jerry Springer show?
by Steve Taylor January 07, 2006
fukd-up'-ed-ness - an elevated level of being fucked up.
You've graduated to a whole new level of fuckedupedness.
by annolroo February 25, 2010
All that fecked up shit that exists, abounds and infuriates you in this world - the cruelty, the lies, greed, bureaucracy, sensless death, ignorance, oppression, injustice, power weilded out of selfish motivations etc. etc.
I look about me and it is fuckedupedness I see and breathe.
by psychefiddler February 10, 2010
see fuckage, you fucker.
Examples hit the top on the fucked-up-ed-ness meter
by Tory Burnett May 22, 2008

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