FUBAR = Obama personified
Obama has FUBARed America in only two years.
by Mo2ca May 25, 2011
To be very intoxicated
F*cked up beyond all recognition
AKA: Shitfaced
You were FUBARED last night.
by T December 01, 2003
F*cked up beyond all recognition.
This stuff is simply FUBAR.
by C.E. February 06, 2003
Acronym, historically attributed to "fucked up beyond all recognition." More recently, in light of and in reference to actions frequently observed in the behavior of government entities, specifically referring to the citizenry:

Fucked Up, Bentover, and Raped.
"The recent activities of the Federal Government in relation to Wall Street has left the general public with a feeling of Fubar."
by Jackie Sparrow July 08, 2013
F.U.B.A.R... Fuck Up Beyond All Recognition a military term when things get really out of hand like the war in iraq or as bush would call it the war on terror. (Bush = Dumb Shit)
The L.T is dead. Man this shit is Fubar!!!!!
by clamz2003 July 29, 2010
Sometimes used in geology to describe and unidentifiable rock formation, caused by a cataclysmic event i.e super volcano.

Fucked up beyond all recognition
This can't be metamorphic or volcanic, its totally F.U.B.A.R
by Dee Dee Plume May 01, 2010
A sick point break in Central Cal, ruled by junior seaweenies and a guy on a 12 foot longboard with curly hair.
Dude I saw you shredding the fubar yesterday on your 7'10" Doyle, it was sick!!!
by fubar loc June 13, 2011
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