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Fucked up beyond anal reconstruction
Dude, me and my girlfriend tried anal last night, shes sooo fubar now
by Onyx1720 March 22, 2009
4 10
Fucked Up Beond All Recognition...
code phrase...
Funky Umbrellas Beating A Rabbit..
leave me alone or i will make u FUBAR.

o shit her face is well FUBAR!!!

i did a test but i doodled on it so much it came out FUBAR...

by XxXAbFabXxX January 05, 2009
5 11
Fairies Under Books Are Rugged
That guy in the Library is FUBAR!
by Altevis April 02, 2008
4 10
Stands for Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition!!! being wasted, bashed up, totally smashed out of your head, drunk/drugged up to where reality has no meaning!! also can be being beaten to a pulp by one or more people!
Im sooooo FUBAR!!! (swaying all over the place)

Whoaaaa his face is FUBAR( looking down on a assualted person)
by Earl 'The Doc' Jesse June 17, 2007
2 8
Fucked Up Beyond All Repair
I wont be commin in to work today my car is FUBAR
by tripsmmm August 18, 2006
5 11
1. acronym for fucked up beyond all repair

2. Indie-cult movie by the same title, which popularized the term. This "mockumentary" highlights the lives of two Calgary headbangers, which includes drinking, vandalising, and basically fucking around which they term "given'r" There life philosophy can be summed up in one phrase "just givr'" See also white trash, pilsner, shotgunning,metal.
Man wanna get Fubar and watch Fubar then go and smash up bus shelters?
by Jon Simard August 21, 2005
17 23
an acronym meaning:
dude, you just FUBARed big time
by ian campbell April 19, 2006
4 11