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fucking ugly bitches and running
(acquired from drunk cs matches)
last sunday I was fubar
by sigh April 20, 2004
howard county, md, where not much happens
we are told it is the richest county in md
the people on the school board are stupid, and i can't think of a better insult because i live in hoco
the people here are mostly stupid too
it's killing diversity
the ones with some sense want to get out of here
hoco is a nothingness
i hate hoco
by sigh September 16, 2004
A form of Japanese animation that you'll find typically mutilated by American corporations when they "translate" the shows.
Cartoon Network and Funimation are two examples of fuckers who hack and slash good anime into unrecognizable shit.
by sigh June 15, 2003
Yet another "creative" insult for those of us that have any fat whatsoever.
Idiot 1: Why do ham planets always cut themselves? Stupid fatties.

Idiot 2: I was out drinking last night, and the ham planets were all over me, man.
by Sigh January 04, 2013

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