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1)Shorthand for "F*** You" if you can't say the actual words without getting into some kind of trouble, ie school, work, parents, etc.

2)Appropriately named finishing move of young WWE wrestler John Cena. Its the modified copy version of fellow wrestler's Brock Lesnar's F5 finishing move. You kick someone low like in the stomach or balls and pick them up over your shoulders then slam them to the ground from your side.
Ex1-Student 1: Ha-ha! You failed the test!
Student 2: Man shut up! FU!

Ex2-John Cena gets the pin on JBL with the FU.
by LoganLesnarMarvel August 13, 2005
183 135
Current WWE champion John Cena's oh-so-intimidating finisher. An overglorified standing fireman's carry.
Typical announcer over-reaction:

OH MAH GAWD! It's the F-U! Cena picked him up on his shoulders, and dropped him to the ground! A lesser man would have died from such an attack!
by El Toro Grande October 03, 2005
53 23
art of doing something.
kung fu - art of kicking ass!
by Dawgfu June 02, 2011
52 26
"Your kung-fu is good, but still!" "Your driving-fu better be pretty good if you're going to win the race."
by Industrio Melman March 14, 2003
34 10
Acronym for "Fuck You!" for those nice people who just can't seem to let the swear word slip.
"F U you big fat meanie!"
by L to tha IZ October 02, 2008
27 11
Fuck You.
Alex: FU!
*Sam lies back on bed and BOING*
Sam: Fuck away!
by Mr.Muffin April 01, 2009
60 46
Short for "fur", as a horrible insult to say to one person (and only one person). When "fu" is said to someone, it means you hope someone has an allergic reaction to fur.
Person A: "You're a lose-r"
Berson B: "fu!"
by rickyz12345 July 25, 2010
64 51