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It can mean anything.

It can also be used however you like...

jixed, jix, jixage, jixing, jixer.

and so on.
"shutup you jix head"
In this example, jix can mean any insult like dick head.

"hey jixer wassup"
could mean anything like mate or homie.

"stop jixing"
could be used like saying "stop chatting" or shutup.
by Ollie D September 19, 2007
An exclamation showing appreciation for someone who goes above and beyond to an elite level or shows second-to-none P&D.

Its antonym is fu.
J smooth let me bang out his ex girlfriend. Jix!

I thought you said these seats were on the 50 yard line, I didn't know they were in a private box. Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiix!
by fred_berg December 12, 2009
a word that can be interchanged with any curse word. Polite to use in public and you get the same satisfaction as dropping the f-bomb. Noun and verb :)
Someone stole my ipod! Oh jix!

This guy jixed with my computer and now it won't turn on!

What the jix?!
by lawrencium March 11, 2009
(pronounced JICKS), 1. cute females furry bits, 2. warm wet love tunnel belonging to choppies.
Do you want to come over and shave my jix?
Feel how wet my jix is.
by Tony March 05, 2004