Florida University.
What, you thought it only meant "Fuck You"? But it is a good way to fuck with people.

1: "F U!"

2: "WUT!?"

1: "Florida University? Duh"

2: "Wait, what?"
by Splek December 07, 2008
f u
the words fuck you in text
ryan: f u u soab
fuzzy: what the fuck does that mean.
ryan: fuck you you son of a bitch
by ryan acevedo April 29, 2009
Possibly the worst finisher in pro wrestling history, done by none other than john cena. You want to know what an f-u feels like? Do a somersault on your bed. That probably hurts more than the fucking f-u.
The f-u, one of the most "devastating finishers" WWE has to offer.
by Adrian July 02, 2006
Florida University
"Welcome to Florida University, the big F.U.
by RoyalMariee June 25, 2009
Sometimes short for Friedman Unit: the next six months, which will surely be the deciding factor in the US occupation of Iraq which began in 2003. Government or pundit statements on when the occupation will end are easily translated into F.U.s.

The six month term is always the *next* six months, no matter when it is said. This is long enough that most people forget about it and the originator is free to suggest another F.U. at any time.
The Congressman gave it one F.U., saying that we'll know (in the next six months / by September / before the end of the year / etc) if the latest approach is working. Not likely, given that he said the same thing a year ago...
by arglebarg May 31, 2007
Two letters in the word fun.
We put the F-U back in FUN!
by Dark Chaos December 21, 2003
2 possible notations in the algorithms for a mini, rubiks, revolution, and professor cube. In other words it's termonology for the 2x2, 3x3, 4x4,....AxA rubik's cube.

There are other notations such as R and L (right and left). Adding a lover case I (i) after each notation means it is the inverted notation (opposite).
F R U Ri Ui Fi is an algorithm for the rubik's cube. F U are 2 notations in the algorithm.
by Neilzy January 03, 2008
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