fu is the short slang abbreviation for fuck you.
Dave: Hey John you're an ass whole.
John: hey dude fu!
by Dylan Barkay October 20, 2008
1. The equivalent of the word fuck when you're attempting to keep your mouth clean around parents, young children, etc.

2. The fu in kung fu. 'Cause we're fucking cool like that.

3. The equivalent of the word fun, when you're still attempting to have a literate conversation while suffering from hapyp (good luck with that, kids. Trust me, I've tried).
1. Oh, hello mom. -stubs toe- AHHHH FUUUUUUUuuuuuu....

2. Oh yah, man. We're gonna do some Kung Fu 'cause we're so cool.

3. Yeah, we're gonna have some fu today.
by Sonny Pestilence August 22, 2006
Pronounced (foo) An exclaimation of disgust when someone screws up or messes up. Also used to berate individuals with no P&D.

Its antonym is Jix.
How in the hell did he manage to screw that up. Fuuuu

you are such a fu.
by fred_berg December 12, 2009
For people who are too lazy to type out the entire phrase, "Fuck You".

Often used in computer speak.

"fu imma kya!"

FU can be referred to as, "Intarwebs Engrish".
by RawrNinjaRawr March 12, 2009
FU can act as an adjective describing units in RTS games. It stands for Fully Upgraded. Mostly seen in forums, rather than in games.
person1: Of course British Lifeguard Hussars beat French Hussars, they are royal guard units ffs.

person2: Not when fully upgraded noob. The French can increase their hand cavalry attack by 15%. That boost means that FU French hussars beat FU British hussars.
by Drüd August 31, 2008
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