Short for Fort Lauderdale. The realest city in Florida, crunkest place in the world.
person 1: where you from?
person 2: Fort Lauderdale, FL the FTL
person 1: damn son you are real
by frank stranahan November 23, 2010
Fuck Their Lives. (The opposite of FML -- to use when someone else is causing distress in your world.)
My ex-girlfriend spread a rumor about me to the entire football team. Worst of all, they believed it. FTL
by Teddy Nixon November 16, 2015
Fuck The Liver - Saying used by college students when binge drinking and doing permanent damage to their livers. Also the name of the most badass house at Michigan Tech
"I pregamed with a fifth of kessler, FTL man."

"I heard FTL is having a party tonight, so you know it'll be an absolute shitshow."
by B.0.B. October 18, 2011
For The Lols - Doing something to seek joy and laughter. Internet slang.

Originates from two sources:
Source 1 - FTW (For the win)
Source 2 - LOL (Laugh out loud)
Example 1:

X: Should we go and put our faces in pie?

Y: Why?

X: FTL (For the lols)

Example 2:

Terrorist 1: Why do you live in a cave?

Bin Laden: FTL (For the lols)
by tisneil January 07, 2011
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