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them beautiful arab girls that all the guys want ;) also hijabis dont necessarily need to be arab they could be of any race and their hijab or scarf could be of any style. They are differentiated from other girls by being called hijabi as they are hard to get but worth it. These girls are beautiful, loving and also really cute. The only way to know this is to marry one. Hijabis make the perfect wives.
i need to get myself a hijabi
by SOMEONEELSE March 12, 2013
Incredibly sexy person, who is perfect in every way :)
DAMN he's hot! *faints*
by SomeoneElse April 19, 2005
Incredibly sexy person, who is perfect in every way :) Une petite putain de caresse
DAMN she's hot! *faints*
by SomeoneElse April 24, 2005
FTL - For The Love

Continuuing the For The Win tradition
Carrie Fischer in the golden bikini FTL!
by someoneelse August 08, 2005
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