1. For the Loss;
a.used in leet speak to connote that someone or something to causing him(her/team) to lose.

b. also can be used in conversation, in real life situations.
a.player's name is a freakin NOOB!! player's name ftl.

b. Someone goes to a restaurant and unknowingly order some Kung Pao chicken. Being allergic to peanuts, when he/she get the dish. One may say, "Kung Pao chicken ftl (for the loss).
by Driftin July 10, 2008
Also stands for "Fuck that loser", Activision-blizzard's Jay Wilson regarding his facebook message towards David Breivik's comments on Diablo 3 game.
self-explanatory, fuck that loser, ftl, FTL
by Auriell September 24, 2012
1. For The Loss - Opposite of For The Win (FTW) used particularly in online gaming when about to lose

2. For The Lols (For the Lolz) - Used to describe a troll or other pointless excercise purely to annoy another person, especially in gaming
1. I got matched on a team with a bunch of n00bs no wonder that game was FTL

2. *Traps team in one room*

Player: Dude, wtf are you doing? You're going to get us all killed. What's the point?

Troll: No point, it's FTL.
by Heskinfenwa September 03, 2012
fuck(ing) the lions; used as reference to lions/cougars particularly in night clubs
Bob- "Dude, I was totally FTL last night."
Bill- "Omg. No way, you're nuts, bro.
by idkmybffjilll January 11, 2012
For the lose
*Totally doing awesome in a game of solitaire*

Solitaire ftw!

*No more moves*
Solitaire ftl...
by nintendog61 September 05, 2011
For The Lols - Doing something to seek joy and laughter. Internet slang.

Originates from two sources:
Source 1 - FTW (For the win)
Source 2 - LOL (Laugh out loud)
Example 1:

X: Should we go and put our faces in pie?

Y: Why?

X: FTL (For the lols)

Example 2:

Terrorist 1: Why do you live in a cave?

Bin Laden: FTL (For the lols)
by tisneil January 07, 2011
Fabulous Tranny Leopardskin
Prince is often seen in a FTL
by BigPapa15456169635 November 02, 2010

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