For The Lols - Doing something to seek joy and laughter. Internet slang.

Originates from two sources:
Source 1 - FTW (For the win)
Source 2 - LOL (Laugh out loud)
Example 1:

X: Should we go and put our faces in pie?

Y: Why?

X: FTL (For the lols)

Example 2:

Terrorist 1: Why do you live in a cave?

Bin Laden: FTL (For the lols)
by tisneil January 07, 2011
Fabulous Tranny Leopardskin
Prince is often seen in a FTL
by BigPapa15456169635 November 02, 2010
said when someone is angry or devastated...
by SUMIeee July 08, 2010
Acronym that stands for 'finger to lip' which describes a type of pose used by celebrities to appear more seductive. Used in tumblrspeak.

a) That picture was so hot because of Angelina Jolie's FTL.

b) Stop with the FTL, you're still not sexy!
by randomvernacular July 07, 2010
The abbreviation for the frequently used phrase "For the Ladies." Typically used as a justification for extravagant male behavior or possessions. FTL may also be used sarcastically to refer to embarrassing acts or attributes.
Sincere: 1. "It was expensive, but the fireplace that I installed in my bedroom is purely FTL and I am sure it will pay off. 2. "My karaoke tribute to Tom Jones is pure FTL magic; It always fills my bed."

Sarcastic: 1. "Ooh, nice mustachio-mullet combo, Pat. That is totally FTL." 2. "Its great how you're pants are so tight that the zipper is always busting open- must be FTL."
by prince nubian April 25, 2010

sumthin every street person knows
"yo here come 5-O"

"Mann FTL"
by YungPhresh March 18, 2010
Standing for French The Llama
Hank, did you hear about that new thing over there?

FTL! what is that!?
by nerdfighter00001 March 17, 2010

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