Fabulous Tranny Leopardskin
Prince is often seen in a FTL
by BigPapa15456169635 November 02, 2010
said when someone is angry or devastated...
by SUMIeee July 08, 2010
The abbreviation for the frequently used phrase "For the Ladies." Typically used as a justification for extravagant male behavior or possessions. FTL may also be used sarcastically to refer to embarrassing acts or attributes.
Sincere: 1. "It was expensive, but the fireplace that I installed in my bedroom is purely FTL and I am sure it will pay off. 2. "My karaoke tribute to Tom Jones is pure FTL magic; It always fills my bed."

Sarcastic: 1. "Ooh, nice mustachio-mullet combo, Pat. That is totally FTL." 2. "Its great how you're pants are so tight that the zipper is always busting open- must be FTL."
by prince nubian April 25, 2010
Standing for French The Llama
Hank, did you hear about that new thing over there?

FTL! what is that!?
by nerdfighter00001 March 17, 2010
1. "For the Loss"
Opposite of FTW (For the Win)

2. "Fuck This Life"
Religious/prude version of FML (Fuck My Life)
Denotes that the speaker believes in a life after death or in reincarnation.
1. "Shit, sorry man, my computer froze again. Windows FTL."

2. "I have no friends here, I want to go back to Bible camp! FTL."
by LogicalLobster August 31, 2009
1. For the Loss;
a.used in leet speak to connote that someone or something to causing him(her/team) to lose.

b. also can be used in conversation, in real life situations.
a.player's name is a freakin NOOB!! player's name ftl.

b. Someone goes to a restaurant and unknowingly order some Kung Pao chicken. Being allergic to peanuts, when he/she get the dish. One may say, "Kung Pao chicken ftl (for the loss).
by Driftin July 10, 2008
fuck(ing) the lions; used as reference to lions/cougars particularly in night clubs
Bob- "Dude, I was totally FTL last night."
Bill- "Omg. No way, you're nuts, bro.
by idkmybffjilll January 11, 2012

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