A grocery store chain designed by Satan himself. To work for this store is to be a total slave. You will be mistreated in every way imaginable. They focus on being as fake to the customer as possible but the customer isnt actually their top priority. Nope. Pleasing the corparate clones takes priority. Praising sweet Satan is what Fry's is all about. So do not apply at Fry's. They will get your soul. You don't even get the luxury of a reach around......or even a pineapple.
Hi I work at Fry's. Hey look its the District Manager "How does the place look?" "It looks horrible! You are a pathetic waste of life. You are good at nothing. You were adopted. Now If you'd excuse me, I must go play golf and snort cocaine."
by RobTheMeatMan August 07, 2017
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