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Another slang substitute for masturbation.

To "gangsta" it up, you may also say "jinglin'" as opposed to "jingling." The "jingling/jinglin'" is done to one's penis/testicles as they are beat with the force of a hand and "the change" is the semen that is being prepared for launch.

Logic: If a warehouse of semen can be called a sperm bank, then shouldn't the semen technically be called money/"change"? And if one jingles bells, which sounds like "balls," why not say that one can "jingle" balls, "jingle" balls, jingle them "all the way"?
Man: Dude, why are your hands bouncing around in your pockets?
Dude: Man, I'm just jingling the change!
Man: Niiiiice!

Man: Dude, Jessica Alba makes me jingle my change all night long.
Dude: Man, Tila Tequila jingles my change IN PERSON!
Man: No way, Dude!
Dude: Yes way, Man!
by Allah Hottie January 11, 2010
Choking the chicken, flippin the burgers, beatin your meat.
Did you see Dr.K jingling the change during class the other day?
by Flopalopadingdong March 16, 2006