Football locker room talk for weed.
"Aye, before the coach comes, got any fry?''
by wahoopunch February 11, 2012
To Make fun of your friend in a harsh(But they are your boy, so its cool) way.
If I said, "Damn man, you got that sloppy ass face." He Got Fried

Im about to Fry Him
by Jannati December 09, 2007
(v) being or peaking on acid, tripping
i was frying hella hard
by tor e January 17, 2006
A gay individual, or queerboy. Quite obviously a flaming homosexual to the naked eye.
person: "God Fry, you're gay!"
Fry: "so true"
by binncheol January 15, 2008
another word for a burnout.
hey, you know that bitch maria? yeah, that bitch is such a fucking fry...i heard she gets stoned every single night and then fucks annonymous guys and cuts herself with dirty razors. wouldn't wanna be that bitch.
by you are such a low-life. December 18, 2004
the non-swearing Substitute of fuckries.
"he dumped his girl on valentines day, thats f-ries"
by MaCE.. March 03, 2005
To use Cough Syrup to get high.
Hey man wanna Fry??
by Bryan February 12, 2004

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