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To have been subjected to sex by a frump. Similar to being fat bitched but by a girl who is ugly instead of fat. Waking up next to a bagger, butterface or Cleveland Brown. One can be frumped voluntarily, as in the case of a fat bagger or hogger.
Mike went home with that bagger from the bar last night. I think he got frumped!
by PMax March 09, 2008
To be ditched by a friend who used you used to hang out with a lot.

Derived from "friend-dumped"
Person 1: Hey, you and Molly used to hang out a lot right? What happened?

Person 2: Yeah, I got frumped pretty bad. We don't really hang out anymore.
by Frumper Unlimited June 12, 2009
to be unfriended or dumped by a friend
joe unceremoniously frumped jim after jim hit on joes girl
by ionbomb June 03, 2015
The art of showing one is upset, insulted, or otherwise taken offense to someone else. It is commonly expressed through body language alone, but it is possible to verbally or metaphorically frump someone as well.
You've just been frumped, my friend.
by kitsch July 19, 2005
Friend-dumped. Similar to when a romantic partner breaks up with you, only it stings THAT much more because it's your friend.
Did you hear what happened? Sally totally frumped Sam. I don't know what happened, I guess she just got tired of the BS.
by IntuitiveEnigma March 03, 2015

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