1. n a dessert; a rich cake consisting of dried fruit and nuts

2. n a homosexual man, or one who seems to be
"My mother received yet another fruitcake from her cheap coworkers as a Christmas present."

"Look at that guy with his flip-flops and unusually primped hair. What a fruitcake!"
by Vee April 21, 2004
Referring to someone acting unusual or weird. Also Fruit Tart... Usually said to friends acting different then what they normally would.
"What a Fruit Cake","Shut-Up you fruit cake"
by Nick Wagner February 05, 2008
A gross cake-like thing that consists of nasty spices, nuts, anddried fruit.
"The trash compactor is full so just dump that in a pan for now." - Inventor of the fruitcake
by purpleppleater1234 April 10, 2011
An affectionate nickname for former Mayor of New York City, Rudolph Giuliani.
There's only one fruitcake on that stage.
by MagicMystile January 10, 2008
Noun. Another way to call someone gay. This pertains to men only. Mostly used amongst friends in a joking manner. not to be taking offense to.
johhny stop trying to hug me you fruitcake!
by xPSYLENTSx September 07, 2009
Refering to someone that is akward, or weird. Acting Gay, a flaming homosexual. (Flamer). An example of fruitcake is Austin Averett .
That dude is such a fruitcake .= That dude is so Austin Averett .= That dude is such a flamer .
by Taylorsarethebest May 30, 2011
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