(N): An extremely homosexual male

Will's friend Jack on "Will and Grace" is a fruitcake!
by cheetah February 18, 2006
Beside being used as an Adjective to refer a male who act like gay or his homosexuality, I’ve heard quite a few male bankers called their female superiors “ Fruitcake”.... They're referring their female superiors look pretty and sweet, but nothing in their brain. It’s an insulting chauvinist way of belittling women’s ability at workplace.
Male Banker A: She didn't approve this half-million loan and client went to our competitor. Can't beleive she's so into those risk management thingy. We need sales!

Male Banker B: Told ya, I always wodering about how did she get her banking licence. She's tatotally a "fruitcake"!
by LuvLuvLuv September 26, 2009
a gay or straight man who acts like a homo sexual. someone of tight pants origins.
DANH CAT PHAM is a big fruitcake.
by churroman July 10, 2008
When a male has a sexual urge for the same sex and desires tummy sticks (cross reference).
'Fruitcake' Commonly displayed on 'Brokeback Mountain' (Can be seen on Film 4)
by Tummy May 28, 2008
a gay person, or one with faggot characteristics
Roberto Funes: I would like to announce that I am a fruitcake!!!!
by Babale veeks February 05, 2007
a gay person or one who is named Roberto Funes
Simon Cowell: Ryan, why are you such a fruitcake?

Ryan: Shut up Simon!
by Babale veeks February 02, 2007
Basically fruitcake = fuck
My history teacher told meh about it.

1. Fruitcake
2. Fruitcaking
3. Fruit-tard (My personal fave)
4. Fruiter
1. DOOD, what the fruitcake!?

2. You'er fruitcaking pissing me off.

3. You're a fruitcake-tard.

4. You lil' fruiter.

by omfgitsmorganf May 25, 2008

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