a name given to a kid typically (george liu)
george was dicking around so his friends called him a fruitcake

george fruitcake scrub frail frutti puffy
by antwon thgirwtrac February 11, 2013
A fat chick's nasty fat ass. The ungucci version of a cake
"Yo, Kim Kardashian has a cake, but Oprah's got dat fruitcake!"
by blazingbizzy December 23, 2011
A straight woman who hangs out with lesbians.
Dude, Chelsea is such a fruitcake. She's always kicking it with the lesbians, but her boyfriend is hella fine.
by Rae1138 December 14, 2011
a fruitcake is someone that is either homosexual or acts oddly on a daily basis
Kyle, you are a fruitcake. You jump around all day like a tard.
by imafruitcake January 06, 2011
A lesbian's pussy.
"You know you're trying to score with a fruit cake, right?"
"No way."
"Yeah, she told me earlier."
by Oneironauts March 07, 2014
A straight woman who hangs out with lesbians, or a man who acts as though he is gay. But mostly a straight woman whose best friends are lesbians.
"Dude, Chelsea is such a lesbian!"
"No, dude, she just kicks it with lesbians. She's a total fruitcake."
by rae1138 December 14, 2011
1. A cake, with fruit inside
2. A homosexual (Usually Male)
3. An idiot
Tony: Your mother’s fruitcake was pretty good, Joe.
Joe: Thanks man!

Rocco: Hey, did you see that fruitcake in the mall today?
Marco: Yeah! That’s some nasty s**t!

Gino: Hey Pete, stop being a fruitcake, and get to work.
Pete: Kiss my a** Gino.
by Ron Willcox March 08, 2012

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