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In gay intercourse between two men, if they both lie horizontally, the one who is at the lowest altitude.
"That dude is, quite literally, a fruit on the bottom," exclaimed Dave as he saw his friend Tony getting japed.
by Davezor January 22, 2004
11 13
When a girl has a yeast infection and tries to use yogurt to cure it. A man then performs cunnilingus on said woman. The 'Fruit on the Bottom' is the surprise at the bottom of the box beneath all of the yogurt. Could be anything from menstrual fluid to an old condom to the neighbors cat.
Mike: Dude, what'd you have for breakfast today?
Thomas: Well me and my lady got freaky, and had some yogurt with Fruit on the Bottom.
Mike: Oh yeah, how was it?
Thomas: I liked it....A LOT.
by MikeL3338 August 06, 2007
12 16
see stepchildren; testicles
Just when I was about to go, she checked the fruit on the bottom and hummed "The Star Spangled Banner." Mad skillz!
by Twinspop July 06, 2006
1 9