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A sexual act in which a person, using a turkey baster, injects equal parts of warm yogurt (must be Danon) and fruit into their partner's most anal of cavities. She (it's got to be a girl) defecates it into your mouth. Sometimes she poops a little too.
"Last night your mom gave me a Fruit-at-the-bottom. She crapped a little too. It was all liquidy. IT WAS DA BOMB! Then we listened to Mozart."
by dadboytouchparty September 11, 2007
A hip new sexual craze that all of the kids are into! A man hides his ejaculate somewhere in an abandoned warehouse. A bunch of girls run around rabidly trying to find it and stuff it in their vaginal orifices. Just like a frog!
"Are you tired?"

"Yeah I was running all over the warehouse last night. You know, Frog Sex. By the way I think I'm preggers."
by dadboytouchparty September 11, 2007
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