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The most recent band in existence to be so kick-ass that their records are 55-minute-long orgasms.
"I like SOAD," said Dave one day while he was out kicking the shit out of zombie scum.
by Davezor January 23, 2004
Excuse for touching breasts in a pool.
by Davezor October 21, 2003
Phrase first used by Samuel L. Jackson in the greatest movie of all time, "Pulp Fiction".

Translates to "uber-badass from hell".
"Well, I'm one mushroom-cloud-laying motherfucker, motherfucker!"
by Davezor January 22, 2004
A beautiful way to destroy someone.
I just smote that fucking bastard after he grabbed me arse!
by Davezor October 21, 2003
Uber-hottie (even gay men would do her).

Dave Navarro hit that shit.
MTV's ratings went up 4000% when they put that show on with Carmen Electra.
by Davezor January 28, 2004
One of the most kick-ass bosses from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Hung on chains. Attacked you with flies. Kicked your ass.

NOTE: I believe the translators mistakenly spelt his name like that; hopefully they meant Beelzebub.
I killed Beelzebub with the Mist/Demon trick.
by Davezor January 23, 2004
In gay intercourse between two men, if they both lie horizontally, the one who is at the lowest altitude.
"That dude is, quite literally, a fruit on the bottom," exclaimed Dave as he saw his friend Tony getting japed.
by Davezor January 22, 2004

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