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1. Of a room, musty and stale.

2. Of one's appearance, unkempt and dingy; a scuzzy or messy appearance.
The rustic cabin smelled frowzy after being closed for six months. The campers looked just as frowzy as the threadbare furniture and moth-eaten carpets.
by Lorelili April 10, 2011
Sloppy, unkept; stale or musty.
Your living room is frowzy, it smells like something died in here!
by OneBadAsp November 03, 2006
frowzy, frowz, frowzin
adjective and verb

originally used as a term for a fussy feline that is difficult to console. can also be used to describe a person that is worked up and/or upset/fussy. mostly used as a term to describe fussy "cat people".

can be used to express emotion. see frowz
You look frowzy. What's wrong?
I'm so frowzy right now.
Don't worry about him, he's just frowzin.
by displayed labors sideshow August 04, 2010
When one is drowsy but, still wants to undergo frisky behavior.
I was frowzy with my girlfriend last night, although we were tired, i got it in.
by Honey<3Peep October 24, 2011
(adj) the act of being irritated, frustrated, or annoyed; feeling or showing anger
Dayum, Setphanie is frowzy today.
by BU_KPK February 06, 2009
A situation, person, object or anything that is wrong, usually used humourously.
Thats one frowzy chick right there.

Blud this zoots frowzy!

Allow that, your frowzy
by KiGz September 23, 2006
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