sex with your clothes on
Even though both were fully clothed, he got on top of his girlfriend and engaged in frottage with her by grinding and gyrating his crotch on her till he ejaculated in his pants.
by Orange County California February 01, 2015
To commit a sexual act under cover of fabric.
He observed the Nike symbol on her lycra clad rump and decided to frottage the crap out of her.
by Sully Bully September 07, 2015
Deriving sexual pleasure from rubbing your genitals against an unwilling person or an inanimate object

Source: DSM-II
After frottaging her telephone for the 5th time that day, Debra decided it was time for professional intervention.
by Meegan April 16, 2004
To mention some favor you did or gift you gave to the recipient, in the hopes of receiving a compliment, usually long after the fact.
Tobias (who last week fixed your bike): Those new rims are looking pretty sweet.
John: Yeah, but please ease up on the frottage. I can practically smell your cock.
by jqgatsby April 13, 2010
dry humping cock rubbing etc
the woman did not enjoy the frottage on the tube.
by Jeff Boon February 15, 2005
Also known as: yoghurting, when a spoon is involved. Because of spelling, it appears to be of US origin; unlike the spelling yogurting, where the expression means something totaly different, about throwing yogurt at windows and cars, etc., usually on an Estate in the UK.
Elton was really satisfied after some yughurting with David. It seemed to excite him far more than the usual frottage they normally engaged in.
by Jimi P August 10, 2006

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