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Rubbing the cock with another cock to blow a wad. It usually ends up in a big ole mess of cum.
Are you into Frottage?
by Jamesknapper September 14, 2005
code name for horny used by chatters
Messaged person: Wassup?
Horny person: Nadda VERY bored...you?
Messaged person: Bored here too! *wink*
Horny person: *nice* wanna fuck?
by Jamesknapper September 15, 2005
Yo, you know those friends on Facebook, friends of friends, people you don't know, but they always be likin yo posts, sending Happy Birthday or commenting on yo club pics? They yo faceboos. You have ya bros, ya hos, ya boos, ya cuz and ya faceboos.
Babe, why ya gotta be so jealous! Quit trippin! She's just my faceboo!
#boo #bestie #friend #homies #fan #buddy
by Jamesknapper June 04, 2013
An insult replacing the nonPC term "Retard"
Jeez man you are a real FUCKTARD!
by Jamesknapper September 15, 2005
A dirty cock after pulling out of a dirty ass.

Derived from the visual of a melted "Snickers" bar.
when your boyfriend or girlfriend hasn't cleaned the pipes before a backdoor intrusion you often pull out a snickers.
by Jamesknapper September 14, 2005
A latin descent of the word, bro, and amigo, what white dudes call their Berkeley California frat bros.
Yo, bruhmigo, want some Taco Bell?

Dude, that's whack, that shit's from a meat-tube.
by Jamesknapper October 20, 2015
To jerk off} in a taxi, Lyft or Uber without the cab driver knowing it. Sometimes video'd and put on sites like {xtube].
The other night I was drunk and didn't get any in the bar so I was stuck with cabsturbation on my taxi ride home.
by Jamesknapper October 20, 2015
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