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In My Defense.
Used at the beginning of a sentence to indicate that the subsequent statement will justify some action or decision I made.
IMD, I didn't know the school bus was occupied before ramming it off the cliff.
by jqgatsby August 23, 2011
A hat or head piece constructed out of found materials.
Did you check out Lady Gaga's jomit in Telephone? I never would have thought of making hair curlers out of beer cans, but it works....
by jqgatsby April 14, 2010
To mention some favor you did or gift you gave to the recipient, in the hopes of receiving a compliment, usually long after the fact.
Tobias (who last week fixed your bike): Those new rims are looking pretty sweet.
John: Yeah, but please ease up on the frottage. I can practically smell your cock.
by jqgatsby April 13, 2010
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