Gold teeth, or caps which originated in Brooklyn/Queens NYC back in the late 70's early 80s. Then B-more picked it up, now the Dirty South is rocking Fronts.
Gold fronts started in NY. Bust the old school spitage:

"Well that's true that's why we never have know Beef so I washed off the soap and brushed the Gold teeth" Slick Rick Ladi Dadi 1984

"I got Gold teeth and they don't chew beef" Big Daddy Kane Young Gifted and Black 1989
by olskoolrule May 27, 2004
To advance someone drugs until they can pay you back.
"hey dawg, can you front me a 20 sack or not?"
by violet December 08, 2003
To make a loan or advance of funds.
I can front you some money and you can pay me back on Friday.
by Jay Young April 19, 2005
A place in line in front of someone already in line.
Can I have fronts?

No, but I'll give you backs.
by Downstrike December 23, 2004
A legitimate enterprise used to launder funds generated by an illegal enterprise.
I am using my bar as a front for my whorehouse.
by r34lp0l1t1k June 20, 2003
verb; giving someone a quantity of drugs on credit.
Big C, can you front me a bag until Tuesday.
by snoman May 11, 2003
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