n. The opposite of the rear. The face of an object, person, etc.
The door is at the front of the building.

To activate the television, press the button on the front of the television.

Yo bitch, the dick's in front!
by Kevin Patrick Johnson January 31, 2009
The anterior end of an object or area.
The movie screen is at the front of the theatre.
by Mike Nelson July 23, 2004
n. Pertaining to people who are multiple; The mental position or state of mind in which a person occupies or runs the shared body, interacting with the world-at-large.

v. To be at front; running the body.
n. John was working today so he was up front.

v. How long has John been fronting?
by Jay Young April 19, 2005
to get up in someone's face.
short for "confront."
dun be frontin bruv, i gots ma money on ere, aight?
by International Bad Boy September 08, 2004
to borrow something, usually used for either drugs or money
"Yo, can I front a dime sac until tuesday?"
by franko March 23, 2005
1. To 'rock up' or go to something.
2. A cover for anything. Usually an illegal enterprise.
3. The best seat in the car. What you want to get when you say 'shotgun'.
1. "This cunt better front with the cash soon or I'm getting out my 38."
2. "My Kebab store is a front for my heroin dealing."
"We'll front as wealthy businessmen to get in to the party."
3. "Shotgun front!"
by Diego August 18, 2003
the act of pretending to be someone your not, acting unusual, or when your bitch is out coppin a feel on faggots. correctly pronounced "frutt,"..."front" is used by white bred chicken shit suburban white kids that listen 2 jay-z and think they hot shit
im'a skeet skeet skeet aww over that honkey if he says "dont front" one more time
by s!k d April 07, 2004
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