Another word for pussy, vagina, or snatch.
Two guys accidently walk into the womens restroom. "Dude it smells like front in here. Lets get the fuck outta here."
by Devious Dave May 09, 2009
verb; giving someone a quantity of drugs on credit.
Big C, can you front me a bag until Tuesday.
by snoman May 11, 2003
Noun: Bravery bordering on stupidity. Cocky or Cocksure.
He just walked up and told his boss to get fucked. He deserves 10 points for pure front.
by gerodan_syd August 30, 2011
1920s slang term for a woman's breasts.
Gee I wish my fronts weren't so big, my beads don't hang straight!
by Tom703 March 14, 2010
A legitimate business that drugs are sold out of.

A legitimate business used to launder or cover up money being made from alternative sources
"The coffee shop is a front. That's why all the homies hang there."
by Lucca Brassi March 26, 2009
n. The opposite of the rear. The face of an object, person, etc.
The door is at the front of the building.

To activate the television, press the button on the front of the television.

Yo bitch, the dick's in front!
by Kevin Patrick Johnson January 31, 2009
To not follow through with something; To stand someone up
I called her to confirm tonights meet-up, but she didn't pick up her phone. I think the bitch is going to front
by Chase A. Hernandez April 16, 2008

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