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To be extremely messed up on benadryl after taking 10-30 pills, creating an uncomfortable, cheap high.

Similiar terms: high, stoned, etc.
Dustin: Dude, I feel so fritty.
James: You mean fruity?
Dustin: Isn't that what I said?
James: No, you said fritty.
Dustin: Whatever man, I'm fucked up.

Hey, let's get fritty before school.

by JSobe February 27, 2009
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(Noun) a pair of breasts with a lot of freckles on them
That girl has some big fritties.
Put a bra on, you have some awful fritties.
Tonya has some pancake fritties.
by Drewski8incha July 19, 2009
Being both frustrated and shitty, usually relative to each other by cause and affect.
My car broke down this morning and I have no time to take it into the repair shop, I'm so fritty!
by bullshit@rtist November 01, 2009
Possessing a texture similar in nature to monkey brain.
This custard topped jello sure is fritty.
by Gulliver Foyle March 31, 2005

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