Man don' leave ya wallet out 'round ol' boi Tyrone Biggums. U know ya man be hard up on dat fried.
by Manny Styles! June 20, 2011
used to describe the feeling after you are dissed or insulted harshly, especially when the insult comes from a lame or nerdy person.
Andrew (screaming): THATS NOT FAIR
Math teacher: Are you always like this?
Andrew: ummmm yes.
Math teacher: i feel sorry for your mother.
Other students at the table: FRIED!!!!!
by dcdudeclonmu May 19, 2011
mad ugly
really blk
OMGosh that girl i saw in the mall was soo fried.
I heard that new boy in our school is fried
by Ladii Reese March 01, 2007
A feeling experienced while under the influence of lsd.
Damn I'm pretty fried.
by Chucky D September 12, 2003
to diss badly; usually used as a synonm for kilt or wen a comback is said. past tense fired. present tense fry
Damn, she fried yo ass!
by Butta(: April 14, 2010
-dissing yourself
-acting stupid
-getting something wrong
jazzy says: the captial of the u.s. is detroit
brandhi says: you just fried yourself, its d.c
by allieee-sonn January 09, 2008
v. To damage electronic components, usually by mis-wiring or application of improper voltage.
"I fried the power supply on the Sparc-10 when I forgot to switch it over to EuroVoltage."
by Peri March 23, 2006

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