Being fucked up for life because of a drug incident.
Fuck nigga leave dat bum alone, he's fried
#fried #fryed #baked #fucked up #half baked
by 925Nigga July 03, 2006
A way of describing someone who is compleatly CrAZY!
Charlie Sheen is seriously fried...
#crazy #whacko #mad #funny #hyper
by CrossEyed June 29, 2011
The mannerisms and physical appearance exhibited by a person who is under the influence of a cocktail of drugs; or whom has abused drugs heavily in the past
he's hell fried
#fried #lsd #ecstasy #fucked #fryd
by hatehcubez June 26, 2009
(adj.) jokingly describing an action that's messed up; describing an action or situation where someone gets taken advantage of or gets hurt physically, emotionally, etc.
Playa T - Yo man, Nate's outta town and I'm bout to hook up with his chick. I saw her checkin me out last week and she gave me her phone number too. She can get it.

K-dogg - Y'all are both fried for what y'all bout to do.
#fried #messed up #freid #played #punked
by icegrill14 August 11, 2008
1. Out of it
2. Gone

Characterstic generally associated with a fried look, i.e. huge frazzled looking hair, pajama pants out of the house.
Upon contact with such a character utter:

by Jah Slow April 15, 2005
what u call someone when they do something really stupid; also means if you've done too many drugs
"Bro, I left my keys inside my car?"
"You're so fried dude!!"
by traad December 04, 2015
Description of a person with very ashy skin or has been in the sun all day and has dark tan and look extremely different.

Person 1has been in the sun for 7 hours straight:sup dude

Guy:dude! Ur fried!

Scene 2:

Person 2doesn't kno wut lotion iz:dude!

Guy:ur fried!
#fried #framed #frappers #flapping #flippers
by tha king 4w747wgagp09 July 15, 2008
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