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To make someone believe they are clicking a link for a video to anything but the Rebecca Black video, "Friday". This is the modern day "rick roll".
Hmm, secret trailer to new action film... *click*... awww man WTF?!?! My ears are bleeding, I think I just got Fridayed!
by misterfantastic08 March 29, 2011
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To get knocked the fuck out, as in the movie Friday.
Oh man, Todd was talking some shit to that dude outside the store and he got his ass Fridayed.
by Kendall Clinton May 19, 2008
A verb; The state of being completely fried by the end of the workweek. A condition that results in showing up late, procrastinating, taking an extra long lunch break, and not being productive after 3:00 pm.... make that 10:00 am.
1) I'm so fridayed I think I'm going to add more words to Urban Dictionary.

2) Karen: "Did you see it took Jon P. 2 hours and 3 Mountain Dews just to log on and check his emails this morning?"

Matt: "Yuh he's totally Fridayed"
by LazyRiver July 23, 2010
1. Posting a link to the song "Friday" by Rebecca Black similar to Rick-Rolling someone.

2. Playing the song "Friday" by Rebecca Black to embarrass/harass someone similar to Rick-Rolling.
Person 1: Check out this sick video dude!

Person 2: *Clicks link* "... It's Friday, Friday..."

by Asekicker April 19, 2011
Verb; When someone sends you a video link of something titled that interests you, and instead of the link you are hoping for appearing, Rebecca Black's annoying song Friday comes on.
I was sent a youtube link titled "The Evolution of Dance" and when I clicked on it, god damn Rebecca Black's Friday came on instead. I just got Fridayed!
by Not a Rebecca Black fan March 28, 2011

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