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Used on internet forums instead of fucking to bypass language filters! ;)
I kick your frikin arse!
by Matt.Wild October 25, 2003
84 49
An alternative for those of us too classy to use the word "Fucking"
This is so frickin awesome!
by Mary November 23, 2003
492 160
Alternative forms: fricken, frickin', fricking. A substitute for "fuckin'" or "fucking," from Andrew Carnegie's partner Henry Clay Frick, whose name became a "dirty word" in southwest Pennsylvania in 1892 after Pinkerton goons, whom Frick had hired, assaulted and murdered striking steel workers in the town of Homestead.
Gimme that frickin thing!
by Gahmuret June 25, 2006
199 77
What doctor evil says.

"Mini-Me, fire the frickin laser".

Often used by Jaimes and Stive.
"What the frick, you ming so frickin much," said Jaimes to Ted, the minger.
by Stive April 11, 2004
128 72
Adjective used to describle almost anything. Usually spoken in a state of anger or sarcasm. More harsh than freakin' -- less harsh than fuckin'.

Made popular by silver screen villian Dr. Evil in the various Austin Powers films.
It's frickin' freezing in here, Mr. Bigglesworth!
by MACHone Inc. May 29, 2005
65 16
an annoying and overly utilized word; often uses as a substitute for "fucking". Frickin is commonly used by white trash individuals who reside in central New York State...
Wife: I came home and the kids still hadn't finished their frickin homework...
Husband: Darn, what did you do?
Wife: I sent them to their frickin room until they finished it!
by will chase December 16, 2013
5 0
A word used for emphasis on something such as freaking, f*cking etc. Became a widly popular word after the creation of Napolean Dynamite.
No, get you own frickin tots!
by AF Awesome July 25, 2011
22 17