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(also "Freewheelin'"
1. Free of restraints or rules in organization, methods, or procedure. Heedless of consequences; carefree. Rambling, often aimlessly and without any kind of objective, either verbally, artistically or physically. Could have both positive and negative connotations.

2. Driving a family member, friend or acquaintance's car without permission. Technically auto theft, but the relationship to said car owner makes a legal charge highly unlikely. Often perpetrated by teenagers without a license or with only a permit.
1. "Man, Ryan Adams was freewheelin' tonight at his concert in the park. He must have been really drunk. But he was good enough so that I didn't ask for my money back."

2. "Your father I will be at your aunt's this weekend. No freewheeling with my car."
by Moe Golden August 19, 2005
when one does not wear the proper under garment underneath the shirt... or none at all
i.e. to describe free wheeling on/off on/off red light, green light, caution
by jcbd December 19, 2008
where a woman rides in a car with her tits exposed. there are several ways she can do this. She can stand up through a moon roof, ride in a convertible, in the back of a pickup truck ect.
Derives from tits being called wheels.
look at that woman free wheeling.
by Deep blue 2012 September 01, 2009
To "coast" in a manual-transmission car without being in gear, i.e. with the clutch pedal depressed or with the shifter in neutral. Widely used on hills and such to save gas, since it keeps your revs at idle speed while still moving.
600 hp Supra owner: "Mang, I only get 15 mpg if I ain't freewheeling like a mutha!"
by heeltoeclutch July 31, 2009
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