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A racing technique used for launching manual-transmission cars, consisting of pushing in the clutch pedal, putting the car in gear, revving with the gas pedal to your desired launch point, and then instantly releasing the clutch pedal. This causes the full power of the car to instantly go to the wheels, often overpowering traction and causing the wheels to spin (burnout!)

In racing, this is how you launch the car at the beginning of the race . It causes a lot of wear-and-tear on the transmission, though.
600 hp Supra owner: "Lookadat fool. He wants to race."
Dude riding shotgun: "Come on mang, drop the clutch and whoop his ass!"
by heeltoeclutch July 31, 2009
The heel-toe shift is a racing technique used to downshift while braking. It's used mainly when approaching a corner at high speed, and you wanna slow down and downshift as fast as possible.

To correct another definition here, you apply brakes and depress the clutch pedal, and move the shifter into neutral. Keeping your ball-of-foot/toes on the brakes, pivot your right foot so that your heel can "blip" the throttle, immediately move the shifter down a gear, and then release the clutch pedal smoothly before the revs drop down again.
"That heel-toe shift was so smooth, I didn't even spill my orange mocha frappucino!"
by heeltoeclutch July 31, 2009
To "coast" in a manual-transmission car without being in gear, i.e. with the clutch pedal depressed or with the shifter in neutral. Widely used on hills and such to save gas, since it keeps your revs at idle speed while still moving.
600 hp Supra owner: "Mang, I only get 15 mpg if I ain't freewheeling like a mutha!"
by heeltoeclutch July 31, 2009
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