A strange person who has some abnormal trait that shuns any friends. Includes:

1) Sterotypes of: Dorks, Hippies, Goths, Dolts, Techies, Squeakers

2) Any Marylin Manson fan
What a freak! He's got long hair, is stupid, wears black every day, has a squeaky voice, and knows way too much about computers!
by Dr Nick November 21, 2002
In the 60's, a freak was someone who dressed like a hippy and did drugs. Was not derogatory.
Wow, that long-haired guy in the tie-dye looks like a freak.
by Liberte July 28, 2006
1. to become very excited about something, usually resulting in exhibit of said excitement.
2. to have a highly anxious response to something, likely leading to a hostile reaction. (short for "freak out")
1. the outlaw skateboarders freaked when they realized they had evaded the police.
2. Mother freaked when she saw that my brother Frank had dyed his hair purple.
by dowser March 16, 2006
Affectionate word to describe a group of people exceptionally cool with whom you share very memorable and enjoyable moments.
Person 1: You gonna be busy this summer?
Person 2: Yeah, gonna be busy hanging out with my freaks!
by milametria June 23, 2010
1. Someone who isnt normal, commonly used by preps against unpopular kids. See: Nerd

2. What someone uses if they are afraid to use the word fuck. But there are right and wrong ways to use it.
1. Nerd: Hi, Kalee...

Prep girl (kalee): Ewww get away from me you freak

Nerd: (jizzes his pants)

2. Right Ways To Use It:

Freakin idiot (napolian dynamite moment)

What the Freak?

I dont give a freak

Wrong Ways To Use It:

Freak You!

I totally freaked her last night.
by Dumbass piece of shit hahahaha August 01, 2009
One very committed to a lifestyle of muscular development.

A bodybuilder, weightlifter, powerlifter, or other individual who commits to a cycle of weight lifting, strict dietary regulation, and recovery - in the attempt of extreme "fitness," or at least maximum muscular size and symmetry.

A steroid-using individual.

A gym rat.

A guy (or gal) who juices ... or uses steroids, growth hormone, or any other combination of testosterone boosters and supplements, herbals, and other chemical derivatives to develop maximum physique.
Did you see the massive guns on that freak?
by Candycasa December 03, 2009
(noun) A person who exhibits unusual concern with or passion about something, a fan, a head, possibly in the face of community disapproval. Sometimes also suggests outstanding competence or dedication. Can be used as either praise or insult.
I look like a freak, and I talk like a freak, and I smell like a freak, but if you hear me blow my harp then you gonna _know_ I'm a freak.
by anarcissie May 02, 2011
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