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to cease to talk.
shut the fuck up, idiot
by dre March 25, 2003
Term>1. The shizzle fo' the ghetto mexican gangsters to hangout. The only place in Texas where you will get shot for getting shot by someone else who got shot.

Term>2. The only place in the U.S. where a mexican person will call a white person nigga.

Term>3. A place where even crackaz get props just fo' livin' near the OC.
"Oak Cliff! That's my hood! Put in yo' face, get that shiz undahstood!
by dre February 25, 2005
a spanish slang term for a dirty, skanky ass female
Isabel, you are a sucia!
by Dre July 05, 2003
Used to describe soda that has been left out too long or is old, thus losing its carbon-doxide infused goodness that we like to call fizz. It is not good. It makes people sad.

flat's best friend and synonym is warm.
You asshole! This whole 12-pack is flat!
by Dre March 04, 2005
A blunt that has been rolled tightly in syrup, covered in weed, and rolled once again.
I smoked a tical with Method Man.
by dre May 03, 2004
Part one of a series of games which has been over looked for just another crappy final fantasy wannabe. Has great gameplay and even better cut-scenes. The story is a little simlar to it later version.(Xenogears)
Guy:"I just got that Xenosaga game, and it sucked!"
Man: "Did you even play it?"
Guy:"No, I'm one of those people who like to judge games before I even play them."
Man:"Guy, only dumb asses do that!"
by Dre February 27, 2004
A cybernetic organisim. Living tissue over metal endo-skeleton. Created by Skynet, commonly used in human assassination missions. Can be reprogrammed to protect humans. Come in different models - ex. T-1, T-600, T-800, T-850, T-1000, T-X
I'll Be Back!!!
by Dre July 16, 2003

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