A male, or female that doesn't give a fuck what anybody thinks of them or the things they do. They like doing things during sex that will straight scare the hell out of most people!
John: "Hey bro! I hear you hooked up with celina the other night..."
Bryan: "FUCK YES I DID! I stood with one foot on the back of her head smashin her face in the floor while I tore that asshole up! That bitch is a real freak..."
by J1971H September 26, 2014
A person who has highly, unusual sexual fantasies. Fantasizing upon sexual intercourse, in which they make their fantasizing sound good.
Having phone sex will define someone as being a freak because they have such an unusual sexual fantasy.
by twabo July 08, 2013
to dance provocatively; oftentimes a girl shakes her ass while a guy grinds behind her by rubbing his dick against her. involves a lot of touching and sexual movements, all to the beat of the music.
middle school girl #1: ew did you see monique freaking with johnny at the dance?

middle school girl #2: yeah she's such a slut, she just broke up with bob and she's already shaking her ass next to other guys.
by Juan Dollar December 21, 2010
To take the rice paper lining from a black and mild.
the rice paper allows it to burn longer but it's rough going down your throat.

When you take the rice paper out, it burns faster but it's a lot smoother.
Did you freak that black homie?
by emsevascisum January 24, 2007
people that will rule the world one day.
asshole 1: look at that guy. he is such a freak.
asshole 2: i know, why cant he just be more like us? people would probably like him.

typical comments toward freaks.
by katie bo badey July 10, 2008
a guy just like george iliovski
his a freak!
by n4tz May 09, 2011
Someone who is obsessed with Harry Potter.
Ur such a freak cause u watched Daniel Radcliffe in the shower.
by U would look this up December 18, 2010

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