A fine girl who is not scared to put out.
Freaks downtown on January 23,,you know who,,
by Derka,,Gorillia January 26, 2009
A freak is a weirdo who enjoys playing Xbox and singing badly in their bedroom. This includes a mainstream fashion sense and stalking people on facebook.
Prime example being boys in England, Suffolk is the county filled with the most freaks. Particulalry one boy.
by popolovestea May 10, 2012
A person who has highly, unusual sexual fantasies. Fantasizing upon sexual intercourse, in which they make their fantasizing sound good.
Having phone sex will define someone as being a freak because they have such an unusual sexual fantasy.
by twabo July 08, 2013
to dance provocatively; oftentimes a girl shakes her ass while a guy grinds behind her by rubbing his dick against her. involves a lot of touching and sexual movements, all to the beat of the music.
middle school girl #1: ew did you see monique freaking with johnny at the dance?

middle school girl #2: yeah she's such a slut, she just broke up with bob and she's already shaking her ass next to other guys.
by Juan Dollar December 21, 2010
There are already a ton of definitions to this word but this one is missing entirely; 'freak' as in to wear some new duds or stylish clothing out with the intent of making a statement or being seen.
Yo, I can't wait to freak my new kicks at the party tonight.

I won't be able to freak that shirt anymore, I'm too damn fat for it.

I'm going to freak those new cufflinks at the Christmas party - they're off the chain.
by irishWhiskey April 16, 2010
a guy just like george iliovski
his a freak!
by n4tz May 09, 2011
Someone who is obsessed with Harry Potter.
Ur such a freak cause u watched Daniel Radcliffe in the shower.
by U would look this up December 18, 2010

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