A freak is a weirdo who enjoys playing Xbox and singing badly in their bedroom. This includes a mainstream fashion sense and stalking people on facebook.
Prime example being boys in England, Suffolk is the county filled with the most freaks. Particulalry one boy.
by popolovestea May 10, 2012
A person who is a freak is that they are a very good kisser and they are kinda sexual and they give you hickeys, lap dance and gets on you,but guys and girls like that in a person.
Oh I like girls who are freaks
by she.cares.less January 30, 2016
A fine girl who is not scared to put out.
Freaks downtown on January 23,,you know who,,
by Derka,,Gorillia January 26, 2009
A freak is a person who edits Wikipedia pages for fun.
David is not a freak. He has a life.
by Nasty Nestor December 04, 2015
There are already a ton of definitions to this word but this one is missing entirely; 'freak' as in to wear some new duds or stylish clothing out with the intent of making a statement or being seen.
Yo, I can't wait to freak my new kicks at the party tonight.

I won't be able to freak that shirt anymore, I'm too damn fat for it.

I'm going to freak those new cufflinks at the Christmas party - they're off the chain.
by irishWhiskey April 16, 2010
In the gay community: A guy who likes to fuck raw, without protection, is open to explore some sexual limits, and likes it a little on the kinky side.
Grindr Profile: "Freak top here, like to fuck bare and make you sweat"

Guy to his friend: He is a freak in bed, he fucked me raw and it felt so good.
Friend: Aren't you worried about HIV or STDs without protection?
by OhmyNYguy June 24, 2015
Categorized by people who do something for unknown reason. Freaks usually have reasoning behind the things they do; it is unknown to most what their motives are.
You guys are freaks! Why do you want to know my every move so bad?
by PineappleJuice March 14, 2015
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