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1. blissful food
2. having the same meaning/exchangeable with "thanks"
Franks has the best food.
Eating franks last night was so romantic.
by Chris Lou April 13, 2008
25 16
place. Tiny Village in Alberta blessed with an abundance of enormous picturesque boulders that make it the "Stonehenge" of the Rocky Mountains. What is the meaning of the odd arrangements? How did the simple people move the enormous stones? Aliens? Why did this advanced civilisation die out?

These, and other mysteries are not addressed at a Government Interpretive Centre. Conspiracy?

Abandoned coal mines abound: ideal for family excursions, or climb the famous "groaning" Turtle Mountain.

Look at all the boulders! How did they move them? And why did they build their dwellings beneath them? To understand you have to think like the ancient village itself.

You're not going to be Frank are you?

Yes. Yes I am.
by gnostic 1 February 24, 2013
7 0
The best friend anyone can ask for. Nice to everyone but if you get on his bad side he will make your life misrable. A complete romantic and makes you feel better when no one else can. The most sweet nice caring and kind hearted guy but also very sexy. He has a great smile and has stories to tell that are very interesting. He really cares about you and you would be lucky to have a frank.
Girl: hey ( sadness in her tone) Frank: whats wrong Girl: nothing really important Frank: well i cant let you just sit here all sad and not know so start talking Girl: ok and thanks for caring Frank: well i care about you
by llamacorn lover March 28, 2012
8 1
Someone who is very promiscuous, derived from the Frank's Red Hot Sauce slogan.
Mark: "Man, Dani is Frank's."

Steve: "Yeah dude, she's puts that shit on EVERYONE!"
by GoldenButterflyBaby July 03, 2010
5 1
The name of the first Herpes that appears on a mouth. The name hails from the character "Frank" on Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia because it looks like a little disgusting sick fuck hanging around your bar (Mouth). All additional herpes follow the rest of the Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia cast members. So for example: the second herpes to appear is named Dennis, the third herpes is Mac then so on and so on.
Look at Frank on the side of Candice's' mouth! Holy shit that Frank is one gross mother fucker!!!
by sharxxx August 28, 2013
5 2
Frank: An Italian guy who lives in New Jersey and has an 8 inch long penis, bangs a lot of girls no less than 7/10 and gets that paper.
Girl 1: Damn frank you have the largest penis i ever seen!
Frank: Yeah i know.
by Frank1919191 September 10, 2011
20 17
A fun or funny incident. Also can be a reference to having a great time, specifically used for partying or while drunk.
1. Yo, lets hurry up and pound this skyy vodka so we can go make some franks with those shixas.

2. I heard he hooked up with the ugliest girl ever last night, what franks.
by makefranksallday July 21, 2011
6 3