The best friend anyone can ask for. Nice to everyone but if you get on his bad side he will make your life misrable. A complete romantic and makes you feel better when no one else can. The most sweet nice caring and kind hearted guy but also very sexy. He has a great smile and has stories to tell that are very interesting. He really cares about you and you would be lucky to have a frank.
Girl: hey ( sadness in her tone) Frank: whats wrong Girl: nothing really important Frank: well i cant let you just sit here all sad and not know so start talking Girl: ok and thanks for caring Frank: well i care about you
by llamacorn lover March 28, 2012
A term used to describe a mentally retarded duck that has the ability to swim by moving its tongue in a circular motion. Once in the water, Franks are known to hide in deep water to catch and eat unsuspecting fishermen. Once they get the taste of human flesh, they turn into a form of a demon cyclops and attacks livestock.
The Frank attacked our boat when we were fishing.
by Batgirl2001 March 09, 2015
1. blissful food
2. having the same meaning/exchangeable with "thanks"
Franks has the best food.
Eating franks last night was so romantic.
by Chris Lou April 13, 2008
A charming and pleasing gentleman, who which is great at sex and normally has a huge penis.
"Wow I bet he's a Frank"
"Wow I bet he's a Frank in bed"
by mewmewmewmewmewmew May 17, 2013
place. Tiny Village in Alberta blessed with an abundance of enormous picturesque boulders that make it the "Stonehenge" of the Rocky Mountains. What is the meaning of the odd arrangements? How did the simple people move the enormous stones? Aliens? Why did this advanced civilisation die out?

These, and other mysteries are not addressed at a Government Interpretive Centre. Conspiracy?

Abandoned coal mines abound: ideal for family excursions, or climb the famous "groaning" Turtle Mountain.

Look at all the boulders! How did they move them? And why did they build their dwellings beneath them? To understand you have to think like the ancient village itself.

You're not going to be Frank are you?

Yes. Yes I am.
by gnostic 1 February 24, 2013
Frank is the best guy a girl could ever wish for. Handsome and smart. Romantic and knows how to treat right a girl. His dick is huge like wow! I love franks because they are also hilarious! Everyone needs a frank in their life especially if hes your bf then you are LUCKY!
My boyfriend is the example! also got 2 other frank buddies.. they r the best <3
by Mrs.E November 25, 2012
When you randomly ask a girl to suck your penis and she says yes.
Boy- Hi, would you like to suck my penis?
girl- Yes
Boy- K,lets go to the 8th floor staircase so ms balansag can say noo frankkk ur doing it wrong..
boy-yooo me and that skank just pulled a frank
anthony- Your a fucking lier... YOUR UGLY :D
by Jonathan thinks franksuglyjk March 22, 2010
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