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Comparison to being like a precocious child who very blatantly does what it takes to get some shakes: literally, putting your hand in his/her pocket and fishing for it. Too young and/or stupid to be embarrassed.
Well, I'll be a dipped twat in a pig's pocket if that ain't the prettiest smile I've seen since my last round 'about this corner.
by enviroman June 27, 2011
Chanted imperative when sitting down is needed. No droning allowed please. And no musical chairs; everyone who needs to must, wherever.
Elderly patrona: "Excuse me you strapping young lad, but would you be so kind ..."

Seated lame-ass: "On mah settee buddah."
by enviroman September 22, 2011
Presumed lead poisoning, causing acts of extreme blankness.
"Maybe the lead in his head will gently bend the branch down to the ground before he finds out what it takes to make it to heaven."
by enviroman September 22, 2011
X-ers teetering off their crastcally placated, whack, tarty lemon dependencies. It may have hyper-active side-effects if injested by a Y-er.
"Bob, would you like some slackocide for those rug burns before I go for the take-down?" Ralph exionnated before(big surprise) Natalie Wooding his hot shit off to the side.
by enviroman July 12, 2011
A boy. A male child prostitute who usually is working in exchange for drugs.
Your boil tried to pimp me.
by enviroman June 23, 2011
Kind story made up to cover-up or smooth over a goil's drug and/or prostitution activity.
Her scrabble-squabble perched a nice goible over her scarlet letter.
by enviroman June 23, 2011
Those things we never have to wash after dinner.
Hon, I'm sure there are plenty of bears in the park who'd love to spend the weekend with those crastic plates.
by enviroman June 27, 2011

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