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The Best/Worst wingman in the history of the world.....he will either accidently take the chick your after or whatever he doesn't take home you get, and his leftovers are like 7 course meals. He has command of all things that woman are into; humor, vast knowledge of chick flicks, command of the full fall line up of the WB, and rugged good looks.
"Sweet, Frank is here I'm taking some nice leftovers home tonight."
by Shanksy May 05, 2008
73 49
An amazing guy who cares. Really funny. Sometimes shy but means well. He is really smart and is one hell of a guy. He loves to play guitar and piano. loves mexican food and his fav color is blue. Every girl wants him and his kindness
"Frank is Amazing"
by Adamwire August 16, 2011
35 16
a bit of a laid back character. Always something to say, often gets on nerves. Upper class, expect to wear a monacle. Brutally honest
'check out that Frank'
'don't get all Frank with me'
by oh_so_rasta June 02, 2009
44 25
An amazing guy with a sense of humor that can be very serious at times and are great drummers.
Person: Whoa is that Frank

Person2: Yeah

Person: Wow he's a great drummer
by I<3HCR September 28, 2011
22 7
Frank, A real lad. A stereo-typical old man name but, generally a really nice person who is good-looking and is a charmer. Is usually really funny and a really good boyfriend and friend.
"Frank"- Hey you wanna catch a bite?
"Random hot chic"- Yeah mmmm.
by frank1120 February 01, 2011
22 8
Usually an incredibly sexy Italian who has an extremely large sausage and loves to do the jackhammer.He has an odd love for the band Coheed and Cambria and Is known to go on rants for no apparent reason.
Wow frank was so good last night he fucked the shit out of me, but he kept talking about this guy named Claudio and started ranting about how he's god?
by bonemeplease April 16, 2008
55 43
A guy who has a killer smile. Daring eyes. And the sweetest heart a man could ever have. His kisses hypnotize you. His hugs make you feel safe. His presence is the best ever. He is the guy to fall in love with. To be with. He would do anything for you and your safety. No guy could ever compare. If you find one, don't let him go. He's far too worth it.
Girl: Who is that handsome man?
Guy: That's my boy, Frank!
Girl: He's like perfect.
Guy: Yeah, pretty much every guy wants to be him and every girl wants him. He's a great guy.
by Theonewholovesyou. December 22, 2012
11 0